Paradise Point Marina R.V Resort & Restuarant
Seasonal Tips
We just wanted to remind you it's time for your winterization on your vessel. Due to the ethanol in fuel now I don't think this is something you can afford not to do! We flush your cooling system, add antifreeze, add fuel stabilizer (Ethanol Formula), replace imp shaft reservoir oil, fog internal engine, inspect and lube throttle cables, spray engine with silicone, change spark plugs and fuel filter. This year we are offering four levels of service for winterizing your vessel (See Below). This includes free summerization which prepares you for spring. It is best for your fuel tank to be full to prevent condensation in your tank, so if it isn't full we will fill it for you and charge accordingly.

Silver Plan

This is a basic winterization, it includes the service mentioned above (Cost approx. $299.00 + fuel).

Gold Plan

This includes basic winterization mentioned above plus our ready for spring tune up. This includes changing your water pump impeller and gear lube, synchronizing you carbs or fuel injection system,(sterndrive motors include changing your oil and filter). Grease all fittings, check compression and a complete inspection of motor. We also include a basic wash of your vessel (Cost approx. $499.00 - sterndrive motors approx. $699.00 + fuel).

Platinum Plan

Includes everything mentioned above plus a full detail. This includes washing inside and out, waxing, vinyl protection, shampooing the carpet. This is a full detail!!! (Cost approx. $699.00 -sterndrive motors approx $869.00 + fuel).

Platinum Plus Plan

Includes everything above plus we shrink wrap your vessel so it stays looking like new, this makes it dust, debree, critter and inclement weather free, when Spring comes we just cut off the shrink wrap and its ready to go. (Cost 11.99 per foot. Normal price is $15.99 per foot. Example: 10 ft boat would cost $119.99).

Summerizations will not be performed until we are notified by the customer. Details are not performed until Spring unless you have the vessel shrink wrapped. Two weeks lead time needed in Spring for summerizations and details.

Everyone at Paradise Point Marina truly appreciates your patronage